Over the Moon

An SLP Show Review of Be the Moon

Yet another talented Triad-based band proved their talent at The Garage. The Winston-Salem, NC venue boasts a rustic, funky ambiance and an ample stage, upon which the gifted trio of musicians of the band Be the Moon gave a lively performance. Aside from their unique, intriguing band name, their musical talent is far-reaching, perhaps bridging the distance between hear and the moon. Yes, that was a play on words, and no, nothing in that sentence is misspelled!

To be sure, Be the Moon owned the stage, and produced a sound that is rather unforgettable. Mixing Americana with Folk-Rock, the band offered up poignant, heartfelt and occasionally witty songs. To be sure, the band’s original works reflect their love for making significant music that is relevant to the times.

Within the trio, Vocalist/Percussionist Adam Shaw mastered the Cajon, or a Peruvian box-shaped drum, while lead Vocalist/Guitarist Elliott Humphries poured pure passion into the lyrics. And the two vocalists singing in harmony evoked a smooth, sweet sound that rippled through the audience. Bass guitarist D. Banion underscored the songs with a skillful and accurate bass clef precision. The unique chord combinations, pleasantly surprising lyrics, and an obviously apparent unity among the band members made for a very nice evening with Be the Moon.

Without question, the band thoroughly engaged the audience. The venue-goers often awarded the band genuine cheers, and even requested specific songs to be played. And Be the Moon delivered with gusto! One of their slow-tempo songs, "While You Still Can," earned them a roaring applause, and not without the accompaniment of loud plug-your-ears- worthy whistles.

The two vocalists leave no stone unturned while observing, "There’s no such thing as evil, babe, just the things men will do….Survival’s the game, truth is perspective…no one to blame. / Get up and walk away / …you don’t understand / …the walls are crashing in / Get out while you still can." The song’s bold lyrics revealed the importance of building upon and maintaining an excellent quality of life, recommending to all to eject themselves from dysfunctional relationships when necessary. The lyrics delivered a poignant and memorable message, indeed. And the haunting harmony that Adam and Elliot create in "While You Still Can" resonates deep within.

Clearly, Be the Moon’s live performance touched all in the venue (including the bartenders!). The band’s professionalism allowed them to stay on task, make minimal and focused comments about their songs, while thoroughly entertain their audience. There is no doubt that the band appreciates their fans and first-time listeners of their music. And there is no disputing that the band’s new release, "Streetlight Views", is well worth a deep, extensive listen.

Be the Moon sent this writer over the moon because of their amazing live performance and passionate, polished songs. Without a doubt, this noteworthy band will continue to enrich others musically. Or shall we say that the band shines brightly, under the light of the moon (or stage spotlights--whichever comes first!).


Copyright © 2012 Erin Lathrop. All rights reserved.

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SoundLizzard Productions - Be the Moon
SoundLizzard Productions - Be the Moon